Hair Tattoo?

That’s right… a tattoo for your hair.. on your head! Scalp micropigmentation or SMP, is a type of cosmetic tattooing that can be used to create the look of a fuller hairline, simulate more density, or camouflage a scar on the scalp. The technique involves tattooing pin point dots throughout the scalp. Care is taken to ensure the color is light enough to look natural and not overly done (which looks artificial and is detectable).

For men, SMP can restore a receding hairline by creating the look of a full close cut head of hair. This can literally take years off of someone’s appearance and help boost their confidence! A great candidate should be aware that a close cut must be maintained for this to look natural.

For women, SMP can help minimize the appearance of thinning hair, especially if your hair is naturally dark. In this case the hair contrasts a lot against the scalp so thinning hair is quite noticeable and can steal a person’s confidence. With SMP we create pin point dots in the scalp so that the contrast between the natural hair and scalp is reduced! The results are natural looking and mimic fuller hair!

SMP is performed in sessions to build density in a controlled manner. Pricing varies depending on the level of hair loss and the size of the area being tattooed. For more information, just send me a message!

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